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ZABID, a World Heritage Site in the Yemen


Zabid (also spelled Zebid) is a town of 10,000 persons on Yemen's western coastal plain.

Zabid lies approximately ten miles from the Red Sea.

The town, named after Wadi Zabid the wadi to its south, is one of the oldest towns in Yemen, and Zabid was the capital of Yemen from the 13th to the 15th century and a center of the Arab and Muslim world due in large part to its famed University of Zabid and being a center of Islamic education.

Zabid was the capital of the Ziyadid dynasty from 8191018 and the Najahid dynasty from 10221158. Today, however, Zabid is at the intellectual and economic margins of modern Yemen.

Zabid has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Its Great Mosque occupies a prominent place in the town. The vestiges of its university can also be visited. It has an estimated population of 8000 inhabitants.

In 2000, Zabid was listed on the List of World Heritage in Danger; the listing was made on the behest of the Yemeni government due to a state of poor upkeep and conservation